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Learn as if you were to live forever.”

- Mahatma Gandhi


Tour Guide

Andrea - Sydney Walks Tour Guide

Love my travel!

'So many places on my wish list…'

Andrea has lived in Sydney all her life but thanks to her extensive travels, maintains a cosmopolitan outlook. Having touched on every continent except for the Arctic (it’s on her list…) she clearly loves her travel, and her destination highlights read like an exotic round-the-world adventure guide book.

This brings perspective to her work as a tour guide for Sydney Walks, where she loves exploring the different suburbs and regions of our multicultural city (where the tourist buses don’t go) finding markets, food venues, hidden laneways, stairways and paths that take you to great views, secret gardens, quirky cafes, interesting houses and buildings, harbour views to sit and chill… you get the picture.

Andrea is fortunate to enjoy walking across our famous Sydney Harbour Bridge most days on her way to work, an experience even Sydneysiders can’t get enough of.

Our Other Staff

Rob HuntleyOwner of Sydney Walks

“The man with his name on the building!”

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Bob - Sydney Walks Tour Guide
BobTour Guide
The consummate professional

“I haven’t lived in Sydney for all of my life…. not yet anyway!”

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Elda - English and Italian Speaking Sydney Walks Tour Guide
EldaTour Guide
Sydney Guida Turistica

“Give me at least two lifetimes to see and do everything I love about Sydney!”

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Karyn - Sydney Walks Tour Guide Extraordinaire
KarynTour Guide
Tour Guide Extraordinaire

“Theatre, drama and outdoor performance meets tour guide”

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Louise - Sydney Walks Tour Guide
LouiseTour Guide

“A lady who likes to catch her own dinner”

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Hayley - Sydney Walks Tour Guide
HayleyTour Guide
Photographer, travel photojournalist, tour guide

“I love explaining this city, bringing it to life – the harbour, its history, Sydney’s diversity and multiculturalism”

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Ann - English and German Speaking Sydney Walks Tour Guide
AnnTour Guide
A Storyteller

“As she speaks, a quiet hush falls over the audience”

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Carmel - Sydney Walks Tour Guide
CarmelTour Guide
Loves to Lunch

“I never tire of being in Sydney, or helping others to enjoy it”

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Leonie - Sydney Walks Tour Guide
LeonieTour Guide
A true Sydneysider!

“Loves meeting people from different backgrounds, helping people understand Australia and its history”

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